Fort Wayne Sports Corporation


Our Mission

The Fort Wayne Sports Corporation’s mission is to attract, create and promote sports and sports-related events that have positive economic and social impact; enhance the image of the greater Fort Wayne area; and improve the quality of life for area residents and sports/health enthusiasts.

The Fort Wayne Sports Corporation places a major emphasis on sports, fitness, and recreation that affect area families and youth.


Sports are critically important components of the overall tourism industry.  Fort Wayne’s success as a first-class destination is enhanced through the beauty of our city, the ideal proximity to major metropolitan areas, and the effective marketing of our community as a major site for hosting quality events.

Fort Wayne boasts of quality professional, collegiate, and amateur sports programs, with more opportunities being presented to us.

Recent downtown development initiatives provide great opportunities to introduce and attract quality events to the area and thereby become a major attraction site for various sports and recreation events.

Strategies and Action Plans

Attract and Develop Events
The FWSC explores opportunities to attract, create, and promote events in the northeast Indiana region that clearly distinguish our community as a “destination” for quality sports and recreation activities.  FWSC seeks business with the potential to stimulate economic development, add viability in Fort Wayne’s sports landscape, and enhance the quality of life for local residents.

Serve as Northeast Indiana’s Sports Leader
The FWSC is comprised of key civic and community leaders who understand and embrace the great significance that sports and leisure has on the overall image of the community.  As the leader in this effort to attract, develop, and market our city as an ideal location for various sports and recreation events, the Fort Wayne Sports Corporation is the catalyst in the sports marketing business.

Create Economic Development and Retention
From the professional sports teams to highly competitive collegiate programs to amateur sports tournaments and programs, the FWSC works on projects that create economic growth in the area and add to the corporate confidence that this is an ideal location for businesses to develop and grow.

Preserve Fort Wayne’s Sports Heritage
Sports and athletics have a rich heritage in this community’s culture.  Professional and Olympic stars have strong roots in the community, and the ever growing list of area youth programs provides a nurturing and beneficial opportunity to our residents.

Provide Return on Investment
The FWSC targets events that have significant return on investment for the community.  A major focus has been placed on annual events that provide long-term financial benefit.  This includes events that bring thousands of spectators and participants throughout the year to our community.  This enhances media exposure, creates sponsorship opportunities and establishes lasting legacies for the community.

Unite the Community

Special projects created under the leadership of the FWSC promotes amateur athletics and fitness-related programs.